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The Glory of Lakshmi-Narayana!

The devatas and the rakshasas came together to churn the great milk ocean. The Mandara mountain was used as the churning rod and Vasuki, the serpent was the rope. Lord Sri Hari took the form of a koorma (tortoise) to support the huge churning rod. As the churning went on, right in the beginning, Halahala, the deadly poison came out which was consumed by Lord Sadashiva for the welfare of all . After that, the milk ocean brought forth many beautiful and precious things and beings from within itself.

As the churning continued, Goddess Lakshmi appeared from the milk ocean. She was fair in complexion, youthful in appearance, graceful and verily the personification of divine beauty and virtues! All the devatas and even the rakshasas longed for her as their companion. With the Goddess of Beauty, Fortune, Wealth and Prosperity with them, there is nothing whatsoever that anyone can long for beyond this!

The King of Gods, Indra brought a beautiful throne for her. The rivers Ganga, Saraswati, Yamuna, Narmada, Sindu, Kaveri, Godavari brought sacred waters in golden vessels for her ablution. Mother Earth provided rare and unique herbs and the cows yielded fresh and sweet milk for the same. Vasanta, the deity of Spring season offered beautiful, fresh and fragrant flowers and fruits. The Rishis and Seers laid down the procedure for her abhishekam according to the sastras. Gandharvas, the celestial musicians sang auspicious songs and their wives and Apsaras danced. The heavenly instruments like the flute, veena, conch, drums were sounded by the deities-in-charge of the clouds.

The great and mighty elephants guarding the four directions performed the abhishekam with waters from the golden vessels to the accompaniment of hymns chanted by the brahmanas. Samudra (ocean) gave her apparels woven with golden threads. Lord Varuna presented her with a Vaijayanti garland. Viswakarma, the celestial craftsman presented beautiful ornaments and Saraswati offered her a pearl necklace. Brahma offered her a lotus and Nagas presented her a pair of beautiful ear-rings. 

Then with a beautiful garland of fragrant fresh flowers with bees humming and hovering over the flowers in her hands, and with a charming smile on her face, resplendent like a streak of lightning, Sridevi moved forward with a graceful gait accompanied by the soft and melodious tinkling sound of her golden anklets, searching for the person of her choice – One who in Himself and by Himself is All-Full – Paripoorna.

All the devatas waited in eager anticipation, but none of them suited her. Far…far away from all of them, she saw the Person of her choice! Sri Narayana was standing there – an embodiment of Auspiciousness and divine Virtues, All-full and Contented, the Bestower of Bhukti and Mukti. Established in His own glory, He was totally unconcerned and supremely indifferent. There wasn’t even an inkling of longing or craving whatsoever in Him for her. He was almost turned the other way!

The Goddess of Fortune, full of bashfulness, step by step slowly went up to the Lord and placed the garland over His neck and thereby chose Sri Hari as Her husband – He who is Ever-independent of everything and every being. Narayana, smilingly acknowledged her, who was none other than His own Sakti; and His bosom became her permanent abode.

The gods chanted sacred chants, the celestial musicians sang beautiful songs. The sound of the mangala-vadya reverberated in all directions. There were showers of flowers from the heavens. 
Salutations to Hari who is known as Srivallabha! Salutations to Sri who is known as Harivallabhe! Salutations again and again to the Divine Couple: LakshmiNarayana!

Hold on to Narayana; Lakshmi can never be far away. Wealth with character alone can bring joy, peace and prosperity. When one is kind and sincere, alert and consistent, he attracts to himself wealth and glory. - Swami Chinmayananda

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Aadimoolame Maaku – Annamacharya

Annamacharya was a 15th century saint composer who has composed a number of kirtans on Lord Venkateshwara. It is said that he has composed 32,000 songs. Annamacharya considers each of his kriti as a floral offering to the Lord. Most of his kirtans are in Telugu and in Sanskrit.

Lord Venkateshwara

In this beautiful composition, the Saint asks the Lord to protect all beings – Jeeva Raksha. He also invokes Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space (Pancha Maha Bhootas) for Protection – Bhumi-Raksha, Jala-Raksha, Agni-Raksha, Vayu-Raksha and Akasha-Raksha. The Pancha Maha Bhootas are nothing but a manifestation of the Lord’s Supreme Powers. The Lord indeed is the Sole Protector of all.


Language : Telugu

Adi moolame maku anga raksha
Sree devude maku jeeva raksha

Bhoomi devi patiaina purushottamude maku
bhoomi pai neda nundina bhoomi raksha
amani jaladhi Sayi yaina devude maku
sameepya mandunna jala raksha

Mroyuchu nagnilo yagna moortiyina devudu
ayamulu takanunda agni raksha
Vayusutu nelinattivanaja nabhude maku
vayuvandu kanda kuda vayu raksha

PadamakaSamunaku parajooche vishnuve
gadiliai maku akaSa raksha
sadhinchi SreevenkatadreeSude maku
sadaramu meerinatti sarva raksha