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Bhima meets Hanuman – Lifting of the tail!

Hanuman and Bhima

The Pandavas were in exile living in the forest for twelve years. One day, as they were moving around in the forest, a gentle breeze carried along with it a beautiful celestial flower known as Saugandhika and dropped it on the ground in front of Draupadi. Draupadi was wonderstruck at the beauty of the flower and the divine fragrance emanating from it. She longed to have more of those flowers and requested Bhima to get them for her. Bhima obliged and went in search of the flowers.

Bhima walked through forests and mountains, roaring and thundering and exhibiting his might and strength.  Suddenly on his route, he found a huge, old monkey lying on a rock. Its long tail was obstructing Bhima’s path. Bhima shouted at the monkey to move away from his path. The monkey got up as if from sleep and asked Bhima who he was and why he was creating so much of disturbance in the otherwise quiet environment of the forest. Bhima boasted about himself and told the monkey that he was one of the Pandava brothers and that he was the son of Vayu and the brother of Hanuman. Again Bhima asked the monkey to move away, but the monkey replied that he was too weak and had no energy to move his tail. He asked Bhima to push his tail aside and move on.

Bhima, the most powerful and strong who had the strength of ten thousand elephants was now being asked by an old monkey to lift its tail! He was furious by this time. He tried to push the monkey’s tail aside with his mace but could not move it even by an inch. He was surprised! Bhima tried again and again to move the monkey’s tail with all his might but miserably failed. Exhausted, Bhima realized that this was no ordinary monkey. With folded hands he requested the monkey to reveal his true identity.Then, Lord Hanuman revealed his true form. Bhima was overjoyed to see his brother Hanuman. They both embraced each other joyfully.

Lord Hanuman told Bhima not to be arrogant of his might and strength, and this was just a lesson for Bhima to remain humble. Hanuman also advised him on the duties and responsibilities of the various categories into which the society is divided into – the intellectuals, the warriors, the tradesmen and the working class.  Bhima asked Hanuman to show him his huge colossal form with which he had crossed the ocean in search of Seeta. Hanuman showed his magnificent, effulgent, gigantic form to Bhima. Bhima was overwhelmed to see the awesome form of Hanuman and saluted him again and again. Hanuman showered his grace and blessings on Bhima and promised Bhima that during the Kurukshetra war, he would be on their side as a source of inspiration, might and strength. Hanuman also told Bhima that his thunderous roar would resonate along with terrible roar of Bhima during the war which would send shivers down the spine of the Kauravas. Hanuman also told Bhima that he would adorn the flag-post of Arjuna’s chariot and lead them on the path to victory. 

Keep the attitude of the humble-servant of the Lord and watch how your work can progress..... when ego rises in us, the harmony is lost and thereafter our work​ dims in its divine glow. He alone is the Sole Doer and Accomplisher; we are, at best, only mere instruments​. - Swami Chinmayananda

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Hanuman: The Music Maestro!

Sage Narada was a great musician. And he also played the veena beautifully. He became proud of his talent and thought he was the best musician in all the three worlds.

One day, as Narada was moving across the skies singing the Lord’s glory, Hanuman and his mother Anjana Devi saw him. She pointed out to Hanuman and said, “there goes Narada who is the best exponent of music!” Narada heard this and became even more proud of his talent. Hanuman came to know of Narada’s pride. The Sage’s ego had to be destroyed. Hanuman jumped into the sky, caught hold of Narada’s feet and pleaded with him to bless him. Narada replied back saying that there was no blessing that Hanuman did not have, because all the devatas had bestowed upon him their grace and blessings as requested by his father Vayu, the wind God. However, when Hanuman insisted, Narada said that since no one had blessed him with the gift of music, he, Narada – the great musician, would bless him to be one of the best musicians.

Narada had no idea that Hanuman was already an accomplished musician. After showering his blessings, Narada decided to move ahead, but Hanuman would not leave him. He told Narada that since he had now been blessed with the gift of music, he would sing and Narada had to hear and judge him. Narada was reluctant. He thought he would be wasting his time listening to and judging a novice. But Hanuman would not let him go. Finally Narada agreed. He sat down comfortably, placed his divine veena on a rock in front of him and asked Hanuman to sing. Hanuman sat in front of Narada, closed his eyes, invoked the Lord and started singing. He sang so beautifully that all the devatas stationed themselves in the sky above him to hear his music!

Even Narada was overwhelmed with the flow of naada. The rock on which the veena was placed started to melt with Hanuman’s music. And the veena started to sink into the liquid rock. After some time, Narada who was listening with closed eyes asked Hanuman to stop so that he can now proceed further. The moment Hanuman stopped singing, the rock froze and became solid. Narada got up and tried to collect his veena, but it would not move – it had got stuck in the rock. Narada had already realized the glory of Hanuman’s music, but he was astonished to see that his music had even melted inert stones! Narada’s ego was crushed – he was totally humbled. He realized that he was after all not the best musician. Narada also realized that it is devotion that ultimately adds beauty and divinity to music. He pleaded with Hanuman to sing once again. This time when Hanuman sang, the rock melted, and Narada collected his veena. He acknowledged and praised Hanuman as the best musician in all the three worlds and with a pure heart devoid of ego and filled with devotion, he went his way singing the Lord’s glory.
Hanuman is Kavya – Nataka – Sangeeta – Naada – Paripoorna!! 

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Sri Rama Anjaneya Yuddha!

Once there was a debate in Kailasa : whether Rama’s incomparable strength and might is greater OR the power and glory of Rama Nama is greater. Nobody could arrive at any conclusion. Sage Narada who also happened to be there decided on a plan to solve the problem. 

Narada took the help of Maya – the Lord’s power of illusion. She created rakshasic creatures and sent them to create havoc in the kingdom of Kashi, whose king was a great devotee of Lord Rama. Seeing his people in trouble, the king set out to destroy the demonic forces. The terrible creatures started to flee and he pursued them. One of them assumed the form of an ashramite and entered Sage Vishwamitra’s ashram. The king discharged an arrow which hit this illusory form. Sage Vishwamitra became very angry on seeing an innocent ashramite being targeted. However much the king tried to convince the sage that this was a rakshasic form, he would not listen. He walked off warning the king that he will have to indeed pay for his wrong doings. 

Viswamitra reached Ayodhya. He narrated what had happened in his ashram and asked Sri Rama to punish the wrong-doer with death. Rama agreed. When He heard that it was the king of Kashi, His devotee, Rama was taken aback, but He had given His word to the Sage.
On the other side, the worried king was going back when he met Sage Narada. On being questioned, he narrated everything to Narada. Narada asked him not to worry and sent him to Anjanadevi, the mother of Lord Hanuman for protection. Anjanadevi immediately granted the King protection. When Hanuman came, Anjanadevi told him all that had happened and to keep up his mother’s words, he too readily granted his protection to the king. The king happily stayed with Hanuman. Neither the king, nor Hanuman or his mother knew that Rama had given his word to Viswamitra to punish the king.

Narada came along and told Hanuman and his mother that it was Rama who had promised Sage Vishwamitra to punish the king. Hanuman was shocked and sad. It meant that he had to encounter none other than Lord Rama, His dear Lord and Master. In the meantime, Rama also came to know under whose protection the king was. He too was not happy. Rama and Hanuman, both of them had given their words and both of them were very firm on keeping up their words! It meant a conflict between the two of them!

Lord Rama came equipped with His bow, Kodanda to where Hanuman was and asked him to surrender the king to Him. Hanuman refused to do so, saying that he had learnt to keep up his words from Rama Himself! Words were exchanged – in the beginning soft and gentle, but slowly they became hard and firm.

Finally, Rama decided to use His strength and might against Hanuman. Hanuman on the other side was very clear. He was not going to fight the Lord; how could he? He asked the king to hide behind him, sat down facing Rama; closed his eyes and started chanting RAMA…RAMA…..RAMA. Rama very reluctantly released arrow after arrow towards Hanuman. Those arrows which never turned back, but always sure hit the target, could not even touch Hanuman! In front of the power of Rama Nama, they simply lost their power and paled into insignificance! All the devatas assembled in the sky to watch this unique battle between RAMA-SHAKTI and RAMA-BHAKTI!
Finally, Rama decided to use His Brahmastra to shake Hanuman out of his samadhi. By then everyone had understood the POWER and GLORY of RAMA NAMA. Narada immediately brought Sage Vishwamitra, and Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva also came there. Viswamitra then told Rama about the play of maya to prove to the whole world the power, glory and supremacy of the Lord’s name: SRI RAMA. Nothing can…..NOTHING CAN equal or stand in comparison to RAMA NAMA!

Hanuman woke up from his samadhi, prostrated to the Lord and asked for forgiveness for having stood against Him to keep up his mother’s words. The king of Kashi was overjoyed to have a glorious darshan of the Lord-of-his-heart and he offered his prayerful prostrations unto the Lord. Everyone went back to their divine destination. Sage Narada also went on his way supremely happy, singing the Lord’s glories.

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Sindoora Varna Hanuman


Sri Hanuman was the greatest devotee of Lord Rama.  Lord Rama and Seeta considered him to be their first son. Hanuman would be ready to do anything for Lord Rama, ever at His service.

Once Hanumanji saw Seeta applying sindoor on her forehead. It is a tradition for all married ladies to apply sindoor. Being a brahmachari, ever immersed in chanting the name of his Lord, Hanumanji was unaware of the purpose of married ladies applying sindoor. Innocently he asked Seeta why she applied sindoor daily on her forehead. She smilingly replied that by applying, it would increase the longevity of her Lord, Sri Rama.  She did not mention the word “husband” but addressed Rama as her Lord. Infact Rama was the Lord of Sri Hanumanji too.

Having now known the reason for applying sindoor, Hanumanji thought that if by applying a little bit of sindoor the longevity of the Lord would increase, why should he not apply it to his entire body? That would indeed increase the life-span of Lord Rama a lot more. Seeta’s words went straight into his heart. He waited for Seeta to leave her room and then immediately went inside. He saw the little sindoor box on the table. He was not satisfied. He wanted lots more and searched around. There in one corner he found a big jar full of orange powder stacked up. He quickly brought some water, poured it into the jar, stirred it and poured the sindoor all over his body. He was dripping from head to toe with the sindoor liquid!

With the wet sindoor dripping all over and a huge victorious smile on his face, Hanumanji came to the darbar. Everyone was shocked to see Hanumanji in this new avatar. Some of them were amused also. Sri Rama also was taken aback, but knowing that Hanumanji never did anything without a sound reason asked him to explain why he had drenched himself in orange colour. Seeta immediately understood and smiled! Hanumanji narrated his conversation with Mother Seeta and said that he had applied sindoor all over his body in large quantity wishing for his Lord Rama a very…very long life!! The Lord, seeing Hanumanji’s devotion for him was supremely happy.

Hanuman knew that Lord Rama was the incarnation of the Supreme Personality. But still, due to his unlimited love towards Lord, he thought of applying sindoor to his body for the Lord’s sake!!

From then on, Hanumanji is worshiped as Sindoora Varna Hanuman and it is a tradition to offer sindoor to Sri Hanumanji in temples, and this is distributed as prasad.

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