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Arjuna and Duryodhana meet Krishna

ArjunaKrishna The Pandavas had finished their 12 years of exile and 1 year of incognito (staying in disguise). When the Pandavas arrived to reclaim back their kingdom, Duryodhana refused to return back Indraprastha. A war between the Pandavas and Kauravas was inevitable. They both started mobilizing their army and forces, seeking help from different kings who were on their side. Finally, both Duryodhana and Arjuna decided to meet Krishna to seek His help. They both arrived at Dwaraka. Duryodhana was the first to arrive and when he went to meet Krishna, Krishna was sleeping on His beautiful couch. There were asanas (seats) on either side along the length of the couch. Duryodhana who was so full of ego did not want to sit near the Lord’s feet. He opted for the seat near the head of the couch and settled himself there. A few minutes later, Arjuna arrived. He saw Krishna resting, and though there was a seat at the foot of the couch, he preferred to stand near the Lord’s feet. With folded hands, he too waited patiently for the Lord to wake up. When Krishna opened his eyes, He first saw Arjuna who was standing near His feet and asked the purpose of his visit. Before Arjuna could say anything, Duryodhana claimed that he was the first to arrive and Krishna should hear him first. Krishna was well aware that both of them had arrived to seek His help for the war. Krishna told Duryadhana that since He had seen Arjuna first and as he was younger than Duryodhana, he would get the first chance. Krishna placed two options before them and they had to choose one of them. On one side would be Krishna’s Narayani army consisting of 10,00,000 mighty warriors who would engage themselves in war, and on the other side would be Krishna Himself who would neither fight nor pick up any weapon. Since Arjuna was given the first choice, he chose the Lord to be on his side. Duryodhana was very happy and thought Arjuna was foolish to have rejected such a huge and strong army. He asked for Krishna’s Narayani army and the Lord agreed. Duryodhana got what he wanted and very happily left Krishna’s palace. Krishna then turned to Arjuna and asked him why he had chosen Him who would not engage Himself in the war and not the powerful Narayani army. Arjuna offered his devoted prostrations to the Lord and said that the mere presence of Lord Krishna on his side was enough for the Pandavas to win the battle. He humbly requested the Lord to be his charioteer and guide him along the path to success and victory. Lord Krishna smilingly assured him! Arjuna indeed had made the right choice!! Since the Lord was the SARATHI (Charioteer) of PARTHA (Arjuna), he became known as PARTHASARATHI.
In and through life's flow 'see' His Grace flooding all around you and His unseen hand ever supporting you. Make your life a celebration of His Presence.Let Him be the Parthasarathy of your life. - Swami Chinmayananda
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Story of Arjuna -The Power of Mantra


Dronacharya was the teacher of both the Pandavas & the Kauravas. Arjuna was indeed the best among all & hence very dear to his Guru Drona. During a class, Dronacharya was telling them about the power of mantras. When one invokes Lord Varuna (God of water) and leaves an arrow, it becomes Varun-astra bringing rain. Similarly, when Lord Agni (God of fire) is invoked by the relevant mantra, the arrow becomes Agni-astra.

Since these mantras were taught to all, Arjuna had a doubt whether their concentration was good enough to invoke the powers of the mantra when chanted. To remove the doubt of the student and to test their ability, Dronacharya decides to have a test.
He asks all his students to take pots which are sealed and fill them with water. Each pot only had a small hole – the size of a pepper. The winner would be the one who fills the pot with water first.

All of them took sealed pots and went to a nearby lake to fill it with water. Inspite of keeping the pot immersed for long, water hardly entered the pot. Arjuna’s pot also remained almost empty. He then realized that his Guru had taught him the mantra to invoke Lord Varuna and if Lord Varuna is invoked the pot would get filled automatically. Arjuna chanted the relevant mantra in order to fill the pot and the pot became filled.

All the other Pandavas & Kauravas returned back disappointed. When Dronacharya asked Arjuna about his pot, he brought the pot filled with water and told his Guru that he had invoked Lord Varuna to fill the pot.
Dronacharya being pleased asked all the others to follow the discipline and to put in effort like Arjuna.

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[PS: I request all to please forward and share these value based stories rich in our culture and tradition to elders, youth and children]

Bhagavad Geeta – Essence in two words…

The Bhagavad Geeta expounded by Lord Krishna Himself is a beautiful treatise of the Upanishads. To explain what the Bhagavad Geeta tells us concisely:

The first word of the Bhagavad Geeta (1st Chapter, 1st Sloka) is : “Dharma” .

The last word in the Geeta (18th Chapter, last sloka) is : “Mama” — which means mine.

Between these 2 words we have the entire 700 verses of the Bhagavad Geeta — the Art of Man Making. Joining these two words we have : MAMA DHARMA. (My Dharma). Dharma in its broadest perspective means: “Law of Being” — cultivating the immortal moral and ethical values in ourselves, and performing our duties and responsibilities, in all places, at all times and under all conditions, appropriate to the stage and station of life we are in, which includes not only our welfare and well-being, but also the welfare of the society we are living in. Hence the entire Geeta is essentially talking to each one of us about our personal “Dharma“. 

Apart from guiding us to perform our own personal Dharma, it helps and guides us to seek, connect and establish ourselves with our own True Being – the Ultimate Eternal Reality or the Consciousness in us (Sanatana Dharma).

Bhagavad Geeta – Chapter 12 (Learn Chanting) : https://youtu.be/Mk0JJj9cGhg