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Ganesha and Kubera!

Ganesha and Kubera

Kubera is the treasurer of the heavens and he was very proud of his immense wealth. And he was a miser too! Yet to showcase his wealth and richness, he decided to organize a grand event just once, and invited all the devatas to his golden palace. All the gods who visited Kubera’s palace had a sumptuous meal and glorified Kubera and his hospitality. However, he was not satisfied. He somehow wanted Lord Shiva to visit him and appreciate his wealth and riches.

With this in mind Kubera visited Kailash and requested Lord Shiva to accept his invitation for a meal. Lord Shiva was aware of Kubera’s pride and his extreme attachment to his wealth and decided to teach him a lesson. He accepted the invitation, but said that he will also be accompanied by all his attendants. That was a huge number to feed! Kubera pleaded with the Lord saying that he wanted the Lord alone so that he can attend to him exclusively. The Lord refused saying that if he came, his attendants would also accompany him. Kubera was disappointed. Seeing Kubera’s crest fallen face, Lord Shiva said that instead of all of them he was willing to send his son, Ganesha as a substitute. Kubera immediately became happy! Only one person to feed and that too a child! He couldn’t bargain for more than this! As Kubera was leaving along with Ganesha, the Lord warned Kubera that Ganesha was a voracious eater. Kubera confidently told Shiva that he can handle Ganesha’s appetite.

Having reached the palace, Kubera took Ganesha around so that he could see the beauty and grandeur of his palace. However, Ganesha told Kubera that he was very hungry and went straight to the dining place and sat down to have his food. Kubera immediately ordered his attendants to bring food. The food was brought in a beautiful golden plate, with varieties of dishes and sweets. No sooner the food was placed before him, within a fraction of a second, Ganesha had consumed it. More food was brought and served, but again it immediately disappeared into Ganesha’s mouth.

It is customary to feed a person till he says enough. Hence, Kubera kept on ordering, the food kept on coming from inside, Ganesha kept consuming, and finally the kitchen was totally empty. Kubera told Ganesha that not even a morsel of food was available. Ganesha got angry that Kubera could not feed him and satisfy his hunger as promised. He started consuming whatever he could lay his hands on. The golden utensils, the beautiful furniture, and even the pillars of the palace that Kubera was boasting of, disappeared into Ganesha’s mouth. Kubera pleaded, but all that Ganesha demanded was more food and this time he threatened to eat Kubera himself.

Kubera was terrified. He now realized his mistake and ran to Kailash with Ganesha running behind him. On reaching Kailash, Kubera humbly fell at Lord Shiva’s feet. He begged the Lord to forgive him for his arrogance and save him from Ganesha’s anger. The Lord turned to Ganesha and lovingly gave him a handful of roasted rice flakes to eat. Immediately Ganesha’s hunger was satisfied.

The Lord advised Kubera that wealth has its place in the scheme of things, but wealth alone cannot fulfill all our needs. Wealth is not to be hoarded and kept, but should be intelligently used and shared. Only then Wealth is a blessing!

Some have money, others are loaded with money, some use money, others employ money--- but the most miserable are those who carry money, bury them and sit to guard it all time. They have----but they know not how to make it work for them and for others. - Swami Chinmayananda

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Lord Shiva giving the fruit to Lord Ganesha – Spiritual Significance

Lord Ganesha receiving the fruit of knowledge

The story goes that Sage Narada once visited Kailasa and handed over a divine fruit to Lord Shiva. Lord Sankara in turn called His two children Subramanya and Ganesha and told them that whoever goes round the world and comes back first will be the recipient of the fruit. Subramanya starts off on his vehicle, the peacock. Vinayaka mounts on his slow-moving vahana, the mooshaka goes round Parvathi and Parameshwara. Since the divine couple is the father and mother of the universe, going round them is equivalent to going round the world. Vinayaka gets the fruit.

Significance: The fruit is “Jnana Phala – the fruit of knowledge”. Any knowledge cannot be broken up or divided and distributed to two people. It has to be given to one person as a whole. Subramanya going round the world on his peacock represents an individual riding on his own ego and performing his activities world-centered. Vinayaka riding on his mooshaka and going round his parents represents an individual performing his activities God-centered with a well-controlled mind and intellect.

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