Yaksha Prashna – 4

[This post is in continuation of the post – Yaksha Prashna – 1 , 2 and 3 where Lord Yama in the form of a yaksha asks questions to Yudhisthira (eldest among the Pandavas). In the 1st post 4 sets, in the 2nd post 7 sets and in the 3rd post 6 sets of questions & answers were posted. In this post, 6 sets of questions & answers have been posted. The next post on Yaksha Prashna will be on next Wednesday. Link for Yaksha Prasna – 1: http://naadopaasana.co.in/2020/06/03/yaksha-prashna-1/ , For post 2 : http://naadopaasana.co.in/2020/06/09/yaksha-prashna-2/ , For post 3 : https://naadopaasana.co.in/2020/06/16/yaksha-prashna-3/ ]

18] Yaksha Prashna : For what ultimate purpose does one give away in charity to the Brahmanas (pious)? To the Artists of dance and theatre? To the Workers? And to the Kings (rulers)?

Yudhisthira Answers : It is for the sake of dharma that charity is given to the Brahmanas. It is for the sake of fame and glory arising out of patronage that wealth is given to Artists. It is for their livelihood that money is given to the Workers. And it is for sake of fear of attack that tributes are given to the Kings.

19] Yaksha Prashna : What is that by which the world is enveloped? What is that factor which prevents one from discovering oneself? What is the reason because of which friends are forsaken? What is it that obstructs one from attaining the Higher State (Mukti)?

Yudhisthira Answers : The world is enveloped by Maya (ignorance). It is spiritual ignorance that prevents one from realizing oneself. It is because of greed that friends are forsaken. Attachment or moha is the obstacle on the path to the Higher State.

20] Yaksha Prashna : What is it that obstructs progress and growth for an individual? For a country? What makes Shraadha (the rituals performed for ancestors) fruitless? When does a Yagna become null and void?

Yudhisthira Answers : Miserliness in thought and action obstructs progress for an individual. The absence of a good leader cannot make a country grow and become prosperous. Shraadha performed by a priest devoid of knowledge and practice is fruitless. A yagna is null and void when it is performed without charity.

21] Yaksha Prashna : What is the path to be taken in life? What is the source of water? What constitutes annam (prosperity)? And what is detrimental (poison) to life? What is the right time for Shraadha (Pitr karya)?

Yudhisthira Answers : The path walked by men of character and wisdom is the path to be taken by all. The clouds (sky) are the source of water. Cattle or Wealth constitutes annam (prosperity). Cowardice is detrimental (poison) in one’s life. The right time for Pitr karya is when an individual well-versed in the sastras and performing noble actions is available for officiating the rituals.

22] Yaksha Prashna : What are the characteristics of asceticism? What are the characteristics of one who has his mind under control? What are the prominent features of forbearance? And that of modesty?

Yudhisthira Answers : To be rooted in one’s own inherent nature (swadharma) is asceticism. Self-restraint is the characteristics of one who has controlled his mind. The prominent features of forbearance is the capacity to endure all pairs of opposites like pain and pleasure. Modesty is refraining from all evil and impure acts.

23] Yaksha Prashna : What constitutes knowledge? What constitutes tranquility? What is supreme compassion? What is meant by the term straight-forward?

Yudhisthira Answers : An insight into the divinity within each one of us constitutes real knowledge. The peaceful state of the mind is tranquility. To act for the well-being of all is true compassion. Equanimity and balance of the mind is to be straightforward.


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