Ravana seeks help from Bali Chakravarti to fight Rama!

Lord Rama along with his vanara army crossed the ocean and reached Lanka. What followed was a fierce battle. Everyday Ravana’s army and his prominent chieftains suffered defeat. Worried, Ravana decided to seek help from Bali Chakravarti – the grandson of Prahlada who was pushed to paatala (the lower world) by Lord Vamana. Bali Chakravarti was the King of patala and was ruling there.

Ravana reached paatala and tried to get into Bali’s kingdom, but was stopped by a guard. Everytime he tried to enter, he was stopped by the mighty power of the guard who was protecting Bali’s kingdom. The guard was none other than the Lord Vamana himself. Unable to overpower Vamana, Ravana became invisible and tried to enter, but nothing was invisible to the Lord and Ravana was stopped. Ravana now reduced his form and tried to enter very quickly but Vamana stopped him and placed his foot on Ravana. Unable to bear the pain of the Lords’s feet on him, Ravana lied down there gasping for breath. The Lord could have crushed him, but Ravana was destined to be killed by Lord Rama. Since Ravana came in contact with the Lord’s feet, Ravana’s body became pure enough to receive Lord Rama’s divine arrow! Finally Vamana released Ravana, and Ravana entered the kingdom of Bali.

He met Bali and requested him to help him in his fight with Lord Rama. Bali was aware of all that had happened in Lanka and also knew that it was the Lord who was born as Rama to kill Ravana. Since Ravana had come requesting for help, it was the duty of a king (Bali) to help all those who come seeking for help. Bali said that he would help Ravana on one condition. He took Ravana to an open land where there was a huge mountain made of gold and studded with diamonds with a perfectly circular base. Bali said that he wanted to gift this rare and precious mountain to Ravana , and if he could lift it and take it with him, then he would consider helping Ravana.

Ravana tried lifting it, but could not move it even by an inch. Now Bali asked him to step back and look at it. Wonder of wonders! The entire mountain looked like an ear-ring. Bali said that this was the ear-ring of Hiranyakashipu. During the fight between Lord Narasimha and Hiranyakashipu, his ear-ring had fallen down to the the nether world. Bali told Ravana that in his previous birth he was Hiranyakashipu, and now in this birth he could not even lift his own ear-ring which he used to wear. Where was Ravana’s might and strength? Bali warned Ravana that it was Lord Vishnu Himself who had come down as Lord Rama, and He would surely defeat and kill Ravana.

Having heard this, Ravana left the nether world and came back to Lanka. Though warned by Bali Chakravarti, he never realized his mistake and continued the battle only to be killed by the Lord.

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