Sarvam Krishnamayam!

The people of Vrindavan were rejoicing with Lord Krishna amidst them.The Lord’s adventures and playful sports, His mischief and pranks, His love and affection was the only topic of discussion in every house. Not only the people but even the trees and animals, the cows and calves – all were in blissful ecstasy. Suddenly a strange but strong desire came to them. Every Gopi wanted to experience the joy of having Krishna as her child! Every cow wanted Krishna as its calf! The trees wanted Krishna alone to climb them!The Yamuna wanted Krishna alone to play in her! The Lord decided to fulfill their desires.

At the same time, Lord Brahma overwhelmed by Lord’s maya, and not understanding the true glory of the Lord, decided to test the divine power of Lord Krishna. He came down and put all the boys of Vrindavan, the cows and calves under the charm of sleep and took them to his loka. He wanted to see what Krishna would do now. Krishna came to know what Brahma had done and immediately He the ONE, multiplied Himself to become the many. He Himself became the cowherd boys, the cows and calves! And at dusk time, Krishna alone as ALL OF THEM went back to their respective homes. No one knew what had happened, because everything looked normal. This went on for a whole year. 

All the people and especially the Gopis were very happy. Suddenly their children were very bright, good and obedient! The milk that the cows were giving was more in quantity and divinely sweet! The calves were more endearing! It was all Krishna and Krishna ALONE in so many different forms and the whole of Vrindavan was “Sarvam Krishnamayam!” It was Madhuram! Madhuram! And Madhuram! Everyone’s desire was fulfilled!!

Almost at the end of the year, Brahma came down to see what was the situation in Vrindavan and to his surprise he found everything absolutely normal. All the cowherd boys, the cows and calves were all there just as before in Vrindavan. How could all of them be in two places at one and the same time!?  

And suddenly in the place of each cowherd boy, he saw Lord Narayana Himself in all His pristine glory. Overwhelmed by the vision of so many forms of Sri Narayana, Brahma offered his salutations to the Supreme Lord. The Lord then withdrew His cosmic form. Brahma got up and now in front of him was the charming Divine Cowherd Boy – Balagopala. He now realized the Lord’s might and power, and His infinite glory. He approached Lord Krishna, prostrated to Him and prayerfully sought His forgiveness for doubting the glory of the Lord.The Lord of Compassion forgave him. All the cowherd boys, the cows and calves he had carried now returned back home. They all were totally unaware of what had happened – it was just like getting up from sleep.

Brahma went back to His world reflecting on how blessed the Gopas and Gopis were, how blessed the cows and calves were, how blessed the inhabitants of Vraja were, how blessed the soil of Vrindavan was to carry the tiny imprints of the lotus feet of the Lord on its surface, and how blessed indeed is one who is born in Vrindavan!!

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5 thoughts on “Sarvam Krishnamayam!

  1. Jai Sri Krishna! Om Namo Narayana! I shall share this amazing story with my friends and relatives. By the way, you may find it quite interesting to note that I stumbled upon this intriguing blog today while reading Bhagavatha Purana. This makes me believe that Lord Krishna is not only safeguarding his devotees through thick and thin, but He is also keenly watching every act of every being from the Vaikuntha Loka. My chancing upon this blog while reading the transcendental acts of the Lord is not a coincidence though. He is omniscient, and nothing can escape his vision. As the great devotee Prahlada once told his father, ‘Even a leaf cannot move without Lord Krishna’s will.’ Such is His power. Unfathomable, unimaginable, incomprehensible, and verily transcendental! If he decides to draw you near to Him, no person or thing can stall the process. You will gravitate towards him come hell or high water. And that’s exactly what I feel right about now. Jai Sri Krishna!

    1. Thanks…Yes nothing is a coincidence and there is always a reason for all the happenings. Cause – Effect – Relationship..The Lord is always there with us, ever a witness to all what we do..
      I have been posting stories daily (about 40 stories already posted) since lock-down from epics, puranas and also about our rich cultural heritage, saints etc…. and am sure you would find them interesting too.. Really nice to interact with you. Jai Sri Krishna!

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