Sri Krishna Tulabhara!

Krishna Tulabhara

Rukmini and Satyabhama were the prime consorts of Sri Krishna. Rukmini was very devoted, dedicated and humble. Satyabhama on the other hand was very proud of her beauty, wealth and royal lineage. Yet she was unhappy because she thought Krishna was not giving her enough attention. She wanted Him all for herself and was jealous of Rukmini whom she thought was her arch rival.

Sage Narada happened to visit Dwaraka once and she complained to him about Krishna and sought his help to get Krishna’s undivided attention all to herself. Narada devised a plan to teach her a lesson. He told her to give away Krishna as “dana” (gift) to a brahmana. Then Krishna completely becomes his property. Afterwards she can pay a fat price and purchase Krishna back. Then He becomes exclusively her property and she can dictate terms to Him. Satyabhama readily and happily agreed to this. Narada warned her to check whether she had sufficient “wealth” to get Krishna back. Otherwise the Lord would become the brahmana’s property! She very confidently told Narada not to worry about the wealth part.

Satyabhama convinced Krishna and gave away Krishna as a “gift” to Narada – the best among the brahmanas. What a rare and unique fortune it was for the Sage to receive the Lord Himself as “dana!” Narada’s eyes were brimming with tears of devotion!!

Huge weighing scales were brought and assembled in the royal assembly. On one pan, Sri Krishna sat down. On the other pan Satyabhama piled all her wealth – gold, precious stones, jewellery etc., including the rare and precious Syamantaka jewel. The pan did not tilt even a bit. She looked at Narada questioningly. He then asked her as to what made her think she can weigh the Lord of all the worlds with her gold and jewellery. Her ego was totally crushed. She now realised her mistake and asked the Lord Himself what to do. He told her to approach Rukmini and ask for her help.

Satyabhama approached Rukmini and told her the entire story. Can the Lord who has all the fourteen worlds within Him ever be weighed by  wealth? Rukmini who was at that time praying to Mother Tulasi plucked a small leaf and came to the assembly hall with Satyabhama. With all devotion she invoked Lord Krishna in her heart, went around Him in pradakshina and placed the tiny little tulasi leaf on the empty pan. Lo! The scales tilted!  Satyabhama now understood the essence of true Bhakti. Only and only devotion can “move” Him. She humbly prostrated to both Lord Krishna and Rukmini and prayed for that unconditional and whole-hearted devotion that alone can bring about total fulfillment to the devotee.

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