Lord Shiva meets Balagopala!


Lord Sankara wished to personally go down to Vrindavan and have darshan of Yashoda’s darling Balagopala and and to witness His wonderful lila. He took the form of a sadhu and went to Nanda’s house seeking alms.  Yashoda brought food for him, but the Lord said that he wanted to have darshan of Krishna. Yashoda looked at him and said that she cannot allow him inside because her darling little Krishna would get frightened seeing a person with unfamiliar attire and body all smeared with ash. He pleaded and pleaded, but she told him to go away. Lord Shiva feeling very disappointed went to the banks of the Yamuna; sat there and intensely invoked Krishna. His ardent longing reached Krishna! There in Nanda’s house Krishna started crying. Yashoda tried consoling him, but in vain, the crying became more and more intense and all efforts to make him stop crying failed.

Suddenly she realised that she had displeased a sadhu and may be this was the effect of it. She sent her people to search for, and if found, bring the sadhu to her house. They found the sadhu and brought him back. Yashoda welcomed him and the moment he entered the house, Krishna stopped crying. Overwhelmed with joy and happiness on seeing the indescribable beauty and charm of Balagopal, Lord Shiva took the sweetly smiling baby Krishna in his arms. The touch of the tiny feet of the Lord with golden anklets sent Lord Shiva into blissful ecstasy!

Yashoda was so pleased that she requested the sadhu to stay there permanently since it made her darling child so happy. Lord Shiva agreed on two conditions — everyday Krishna’s charanaamrit and the food offered to Balagopala will be given to him. She promised. To commemorate this incident, later on, an altar for Shiva called “Nandeshwar Mahadev” was installed by the descendants of Lord Krishna. Even to this day, the charanaamrit and naivedyam offered to Krishna and Balaram at their temple in Vrindavan is in turn brought and offered to Nandeshwar Mahadev!! The Nandeshwar Mahadev temple in Vrindavan stands as a sentinel guarding Nandagopa’s house.

[PS: I request all to please forward and share these value based stories rich in our culture and tradition to elders, youth and children]

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