Greatness of Truth – King Aparajitha

Hampi 1

Aparajitha was a great king who loved his subjects. All were happy in his kingdom. One day when he was walking in the morning on the outskirts of his kingdom, he saw a young lady going out of his kingdom all alone.

The King stopped her and asked where she was going all alone. The lady replied that she was the Goddess of wealth and she would not stay at a single place for long and had to leave. The king bowed down to her and she left. After sometime another lady was passing along. On being questioned, the lady told the king that she was the Goddess of Virtue (Morals and Values). She said she always follows the Goddess of wealth. The King again bowed down to her and she left.

After sometime, the King met another woman who was leaving the kingdom. She was the Goddess of Justice. She said that she stays where Goddess of Virtue is and left.

Finally, the King met Goddess of Truth. She said that all her sisters had left and she would indeed stay where they all are. The King was immensely pained and fell at her feet. He said that he was not so much worried when the other three Goddess left, but if Goddess of Truth leaves, then the Kingdom would surely perish. Moved by the King’s words the Goddess of Truth decided to stay.

Since Truth stayed back, Goddess of Justice and Goddess of Virtue returned back. Goddess of Wealth also finally returned back and told the King that without Justice, Virtue and Truth, Wealth had no value and will only bring disaster.  The King was immensely happy and prostrated in front of them all. Indeed, it was the Greatness of Truth which made all of them return back!!

Moral: Satyameva Jayate – Victory lies where there is Truth

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