The power of “Raama Naama”

The vanaras had assembled at the southern tip of Bharath (India) all eager to cross the ocean and fight the wicked demon Ravana. Between them and Lanka stood the mighty ocean. To cross the ocean a mighty bridge was being built with the help of huge rocks.  All rocks were brought to Hanuman, and “Sri Raama” was written on each rock. Those huge rocks were then given to ‘Nala’ the commander-in-chief of the vanaras. He along with his brother Nila were responsible for building the entire bridge across the ocean.

Watching this impossible task of rocks floating on water with astonishment just by the power of His own name, Lord Raama  Himself decided to throw a small pebble in water to check if it would float. Raama took a small pebble and dropped it in the ocean and it sank which always happens when a pebble is dropped in water. The lord stood wondering why a small pebble sank when He Himself dropped it; whereas those huge rocks which had the name of “Sri Raama” written on them floated.

Hanuman had watched all the happenings and at once came to the Lord, and said that whatever happened was just right! Anything released or dropped from the Lord’s hands would sink; whether it is an inert stone or a sentient living being — if the Lord leaves us, we are sure to sink! The Lord’s hand is there always holding us and saving us from all problems and difficulties. Even if we leave Him, HE LEAVES US NOT!!

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