Allada Karmava – Ugabhoga – Purandaradasa

Allada Karmava Aacharisidava ketta| Ellarolu virodhisuva ketta|

Ballidavarodane Senasaaduvava ketta| Lalle Maatina satiya Nambidava ketta|

Phullanaabhana namma Purandaravitthalana Melladi Nambadava ketta NaragEedi|


Here Purandaradasa elaborates what one should avoid doing in life.

A person who performs actions which are prohibited (allada Karma) will only be ruining his own life. Similarly, one who constantly accuses, opposes and goes against all others (ellaranu virodhisuva) for no rhyme or reason; one who argues indiscriminately with the learned and the wise (ballidava), one who trusts a virtue-less lady  — they all end up suffering in life..

Finally Purandaradasa concludes by saying that – One who does not have faith and devotion (nambadava) in Lord  Purandara Vitala will have to go through endless suffering all his life (Naraka).

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