Naama Kusuma – Sri – Adi

Among numerous compositions of Tyagaraja where he goes all out to explain the significance and importance of Hari Naama, this kriti stands out where he describes the method of Maanasa[mind] puja. What bhagya indeed that we have a human life where we can chant the name of Lord Raama. He says Nara Janmame janmamu. Indeed this is also echoed in Purandaradasa’s composition Maanava Janma Doddadu.

A life where one can chant the lotus name of Lord Raama is all what Tyagaraja asks for.. Just as Lord Krishna explains in Bhagavat Geeta that  a leaf, or just a flower or even a drop of water if offered with Bhakti is enough to please the Lord , Tyagaraja places Lord Raama on a Kanaka[Golden] Mantapa  adorned with Swaras Born out of Naada . It is here we note that there is nothing more pure than a clear , calm mind devoid of Kaama,Krodha Lobha , Moha , Mada and Matsarya..

Only then do we attain fulfillment in life.



nAma kusumamulacE pUjincE nara janmamE janmamu manasA


shrIman mAnasa kanaka pIThamuna celaga jEsikoni vara shivarAma


nAdasvaramanu vara navaratmapu vEDikapai sakala lIla vinOduni
paramAtmuni shrI rAmuni pAdamulanu tyAgarAja hrd bhUSaNuni

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